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Happier Bird Starting Over….Again


raven-photo-side-viewWelcome,  all! This is my new page, after an unfortunate issue with my last one made it necessary for me to kill the old site, including tons of my photos, poetry, and more. That was rough. But, going forward, I have lots to do, including my work on Zazzle.com and on my cat blog, My Catsite and  more  But I’ll do my best to keep this site updated with photos, rants, and even some meaningful content along with amazing recipies I’ve tried, and more.  So here’s to the future!

Peace ‘n’ Love from Ravenbird

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  1. Mr Murphy

    Hi, this is nicer themed site than the last one but it’s a shame there are none of your pictures up yet.
    Best of luck on the Bazaar!


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