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Working my heart out at Planet Fitness!

Open Heated by Raven Fabal


This is a heart I drew to celebrate same sex love and marriage. The acceptance I was so happy about is also seen at my new gym, Planet Fitness at East Towne Mall in Madison, WI, where everyone is welcome and there is no prejudice!

It took a lot to get me off my couch and onto the treadmill at the gym. Honestly it took a lot to get me to do any kind of exercise at all, and especially daunting was the prospect of doing exercise in public! Yikes!  But I have come to realize something pretty amazing. Being at Planet Fitness is not being in public! It’s being in a safe place, surrounded by folks who are working on the same goals I am, and who are doing their own thing and not judging me or anyone else!


As much as I enjoy drawing, painting and photography, I have discovered a new joy in working out, using all the great equipment at PF, and it’s FUN! Now I am working on my health as well as my art!  The photo above shows the 30 minute workout room, where, in just 30 minutes one can get a really good workout, with lights that remind you how long to be at each station in the room. Couldn’t be easier!

So I am making this my goal, simply to go as often as I can and work out as hard as I can. Of course the Black Card Membership I invested in also includes perks like Hydro-massage loungers, beds and massage chairs, too! Pretty good incentive, eh?  I love this place, and the people here are great, and a constant source of inspiration! With the amazing staff and top flight equipment, I know I will be successful! Thanks, PF!

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