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blower motor fix!

blower motor fix!


Yesterday I did a job that Firestone wanted to charge me over 200.00 for, in labor alone! I replaced the A/C Blower Motor and Resistor in our 2005 Toyota Camry LE.

The photo shows the underside of the passenger dashboard where the blower motor (Round black thing with white wire harness attached) and the resistor (The ornery little bastard that about broke my rib, trying to get to it, on the far left, near bottom of pic)

Now I ain’t sayin’ it was easy, and being up under the passenger side of the dash makes it a stone cold bi-atch to get at! Also, I’m pretty sure I bruised a rib or two, with my knees on the ground, twisting over the side of the car to get up and under to try and look up at it, but busted knuckles, bruised rib, sore everything aside, I DID IT!

I used to do car repairs all the time, In fact, since I’ve become “disabled”, I’ve jokingly complained that “I’m not half the man I used to be!”, but this is absolutely necessary for driving in the cold and to have the A/C and heater working, so I just “Womaned Up” and did it. It felt really good to fix my own car again. Huzzah! Yay me!

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