Cartoons by Raven

This is where I will be posting scans of my cartoons! My series, The Adventures of Ravenbird, is my diary in ‘toon form. My husband is represented by Oy the owl, and they are supported by a cast which includes an cockney snail called ‘Sroit and flock of seagulls who provide commentary!

Yours truly, Raven Fabal

There are “toons for all occasions, because when I have spare time, or something that has a profound effect on my life, it winds up getting cartooned. Ravenbird and the others have evolved throughout the years, and what the heck, I’m going to put them all here! I haven’t inked all of them or even most of them yet, but I plan to and will post them again in full color as soon as I do.

To explore my cartoons, just click on the “Cartoons” category!

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