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Why Tarot Readings Here & Now?

il_570xN.665435723_3txcWell, I’m many things.I am an artist.  I am also a psychic, an empath and an intuitive Tarot reader. I have focused mainly on my art in recent years because that is what I needed to be doing. But after much consideration and conversation I have been inspired to offer my Tarot Readings again, this time on Etsy because many of my former clients have been asking me where they can get readings from me again. For the moment at least I am only offering my Tarot readings. Palm and Crystal readings are best done in person.

So while my main focus in my Etsy Store is still my art, including my Fine Art Prints and Photo Note Cards, I find that the Art and the Tarot go hand in hand quite nicely and I’ve decided to offer my Tarot Card Readings in addition to my art. Due to client request, I may even begin making my spell/wish/prayer candles and amulets again, but that will be another listing, so please visit my store often for updates.

When doing readings for people, I try to maintain a positive outlook and provide information which will actually be useful in creating a positive outcome. Please be aware that I will NOT sugar coat or just tell you what I think you want to hear. I will only tell you the truth so if you are not prepared for that, go elsewhere, or perhaps just buy some art from me. 🙂

Which Tarot Deck Do I Use?

While I have used many decks including the traditional Rider Waite deck, I have found that my greatest accuracy and clearest information comes when I use the Sacred Circle Tarot Deck. The images, which will be included in your reading, are very beautifully illustrated and every detail adds to the clarity of the reading, the depth of information received. I also find that this deck is completely reliable for anyone, no matter what situation, gender, race, religious belief, etc. This deck is unbiased, understanding and welcoming of all. My standard deck therefore, is Sacred Circle

Readings Offered:

One Card Readings

These are best for simple Yes or No type questions and one subject or issue. These simple readings can provide an astonishing amount of clarity on subjects where decisions are very hard to make, and where an opinion from Spirit can make all the difference!

Three Card Readings

I call these “Path of Destiny” readings, also known as Past, Present and Future readings. A Three Card Reading can help you understand where you’ve been and how it affects your present and future. This reading is very good for helping you make decisions about something (or someone!) that is a problem or issue. This reading will help you find your way again.

Ten Card Readings

Full Life readings are the best for getting the most information about all areas of your life. Addressing what’s most important for you to know now, plus Past and Future events, and how others perceive you, which can help you to deal with them more effectively, as well as predicting a final outcome, this reading is simply the most detailed and accurate reading I can offer you.

How Is It Done?

il_570xN.665296326_q5raTarot Card Readings are done by me in my home using the message you send me ( see instructions below). I use meditation and inspiration from your words to help me connect with information concerning you, your future and things/people connected with you.

Spirit moves in unexpected ways and I sometimes find that I am inspired to include my Crystal ball or other divination methods to gain the most clarity for you when I do your reading. Please know that when this happens, I never charge extra. You are paying me to get the most comprehensive Tarot reading, and I will include whatever is needed to get the very best answers for you!

What Do I Get?

You will get a confirmation email from me first. That way you know I am on the job for you. When I have completed your reading you will get another email which will include your full reading and images of all the cards used. Your reading will be in Adobe PDF format. If you do not already have a PDF reader, you can easily download a FREE one from the link which I will include with your reading.

If, for any reason you would rather have a printed copy of your reading, I will gladly send you that instead of an email. Your printed reading will be on card stock and will include all the same information and images as the email version. However you must choose one or the other method to receive your reading. Please do not ask for both.

What If I Need Clarification?

You may ask ONE follow up question if you need more clarity on anything in your reading. It must be directly related to the reading and not a new question. More than that constitutes a new reading and should be arranged through Etsy.

Sample Reading:

Please view my pictures. The last three represent a shortened version of an actual 3 card reading. Your reading, whether you choose a 1, 3, or 10 card reading, will of course differ and the cards tell a different story for each individual. This example is so that you can get an idea of what to expect and see that the images are very meaningful to the overall reading.

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