New Hand Painted Dragon Eye Pendants

Eye of Sauron style eye pendant wire wrapped in gold

What’s New in Hand Painted Dragon Eyes

I have recently made some new hand-painted dragon eye pendants!  These beauties are available as keychains, necklaces and steampunk style chains with the ever-popular gears accenting the pieces.

How Hand-Painted Dragon Eyes are Made

I use optical glass cabochons and paint the backside in layer after layer of depth and color to create a realistic eye look. Since these are dragon eyes, they can be any color in the universe and they certainly do!

Black Light Reactive

The Dragon Eyes now available are all blacklight reactive, meaning that they change color and glow in ultraviolet light. Great for Clubbing, Kids gifts and infusing any outfit with some Dragon Style!

Don’t be fooled into buying the commercially made, “dragon eyes”. Those are made by gluing a printed eye onto a metal bezel and putting a

This Hand-painted Dragon Eye looks blue in daylight but GLOWS an eerie Cyan color in blacklight.

cheap plastic cover on it to simulate a real eye.  Unfortunately, that kind of dragon eye looks flat and dull. Get one of my Dragon eyes for yourself or someone else today! Need a specific color combo? No problem, just message me and tell me what colors you would like!

Willow wood “faerie Wand” with a silver unicorn charm

I also have some new wands and other wooden items in Cosmic Delights right now, so please stop by and if it’s a Saturday from 1 to 6 PM, I’ll be doing readings at Cosmic that day so stop in and say “Hi!” Hope to see you all soon,

Have a happy day!






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