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Dear Friends,

I apologize for not updating sooner, it’s been a little crazy around here, as I’m sure it probably is wherever you live these days.

As we all try to adjust to this new reality, I am trying to make sure that all shop items and all services are still available to you and that you can always order in confidence that tangible products will always be packed with care and thought toward your safety.

In my new practice, I will be disinfecting all items prior to packaging and disinfecting the box or bags used to ship them. Everything is handled with gloves, and since I am an independent seller, I can guarantee the items all ship from my smoke=free and more importantly virus-free home in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin!

I will be marking sales this week on Psychic Readings, via email, which we all need right now to try and navigate our way to the future.  Plus, I will be creating discounts on many other items throughout the store, including my spell candles and coming soon,  a Special Protection Amulet to help keep you and your family safe and healthy. Made with Crystal Elixr, Magical and Organic Herbs, Essential Oils and other elements to repel disease and sickness, and powered with Reiki energy, Prayer and Spellwork, these amulets are unlike anything I’ve ever made before and far more powerful. They only need to be placed in the home, office, car or in pocket or purse to do their work.

Please use common sense, my magic amulets can only augment real medical care and human common sense. Do NOT discontinue or refuse medical help in favor of these items.  These items are Reiki charged and Blessed to help draw safety and strengthen immune systems and invite positive energy into your life. You have your part to do as well.

All that being said, I personally believe in the power of my amulets or I would not offer them to you. I hope you will enjoy the lightness of spirit they bring, as well as the good health they foster. Especially good for immuno-compromised persons such as myself and many of my friends, these have taken a while to complete but I know they are worth it, and honestly I already feel much better, just having mine to hang in a sunny window, doing its thing.

Due to high demand, you may message me in advance of the sale if you like, and reserve yours. These are soft cloth pillow-style amulets, each with a powerful enchanted charm attached and a satin ribbon for hanging. They retail for 30.00 but for a limited time, if you want to reserve yours, I will ship them free of charge for a total of 25.00.  Message me with any questions.

You may expect new items in the store for the next two weeks at least since I finally have a bit of spare tie now to make more beautiful treasures for you.

Take good care of yourselves and each other, and together we will see this time through and make the future better than ever with the lessons we are learning now.

Love and light to all,

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