New Poem April 1 2020



I’m on my way to somewhere else,
From where I might have been.
My memory’s full of pictures,
Of things I’ve never seen.

I see that love surrounds me,
But still, I yearn for what was lost.
And no matter how dear the memories,
I cannot pay the cost.

A turn of phrase, a few notes of a song,
A certain shade of blue,
Bring back moments I regret,
Things I did or did not do.

In silent dreams I’m haunted,
And my wounds, as raw as before.
Whilst every day, to just fit in,
I don my mask once more.

No use to bare my soul and tell,
My melancholic tale of woe,
For few can even hear me,
From where I’ve sunk so low.

But I send my voice now, in poems and prose,
To all of you, my spirit kin
Who feel forsaken, bruised and battered
Alone and bleak within.

Don’t follow my path, it’s paved with shards,
Of broken dreams and blood.
Fight for your own life, starting today,
I’d go back and save mine if I could.

Give yourself this gift, just save yourself,
And find a way not to drown.
Hold your breath and fight your way up,
To the surface, as I sink down.

The only thing that can redeem,
The horrors I have seen,
Is knowing my words might save even one
Of you from what my life has been.

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