New Styles and Designs of Protective Face Masks Now at Raven’s Creative Outlet!





Face masks. I want to let everyone know that I am still making and donating my face masks and offering them both locally and on my Etsy Shop.  There aren’t many face masks that can be work comfortably all day. For those of you who have to be in the world all day, I am introducing a new mask design, more comfortable than ever.

I discovered last Saturday while doing my psychic readings at Cosmic Delights that wearing a mask for an extended time, even as short as 2 hours, can be a real pain in the neck. And ears, and nose….face masks can be restrictive for people like me who are extremely uncomfortable having their mouth and nose covered, and for everyone, they are hot to wear and take away from our concentration.

I am also going to a “One Size Fits Most”  mask pattern. Based on my sales and conversations with my clients, the large size mask I make is a good fit for virtually everyone. This will streamline my work and enable me to donate even more masks to local charities.

I just bought a huge batch of fabric, including some sexy and subtle fabrics that are suitable for face masks to be worn in a work environment. I still have my signature face masks in patterns like tacky giraffes and Unicorns, Cupcakes and brand new face masks with:     


I have some new styles to offer, including some with filter pockets and some even made with a layer of  PELLON filter material in addition to the beautiful fabrics That give the masks their style.

I am branching out, and using a very thin, almost not-there elastic for the ear loops,  and also some flat thin elastics in addition to my customary black elastic loops.

I will be listing a bunch of brand new masks, in all different designs,  fabrics, and styles beginning on Monday, June 1st!

The last thing I need to tell you about my wonderful, Reiki cleansed and charged, fashionable and COMFY masks is that I know there are many, less comfy, and cheaper made masks available in many places. I need you to know that many of those masks, even those offered by local business are MADE IN CHINA!

When buying from businesses in the USA, please verify that the products you are buying are really MADE IN AMERICA! 

My masks are made in America, Blessed, cleansed, Reiki charged for spiritual comfort and safety right here in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin!

For every mask you purchase from me, I donate a mask to a local charity.

All your mask purchases help me to afford mask-making materials, so do some good for you, a loved one, and pay it forward by supplying a mask to someone in need!

To help facilitate all this goodness, I am reducing my mask prices!


So that’s the latest. I am going to go get sewing all the fabulous new masks for everyone. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I love hearing from my peeps!

Peace and love,


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