New Cartoon “Holiday Minger Mole Happiness”


Happy Holidays all!

I have a new Holiday Cartoon for you today! It focuses on two secular heroes, The Great Holiday Minger and The Star-Nosed Mole of Holiday Cheer. For many years now, I have been subjecting my friend Teresa to an annual holiday cartoon, usually depicting the Great Holiday Minger. Minger is our slang for flamingo and when we both lived in Florida, we formed the “Minger Appropriation Society”, whose goal was to appropriate all those plastic pink flamingoes that had been forgotten in some trailer park yard, or left to perish in some overgrown garden and upon liberating them, find them all good homes. Anyway that’s where the term “Minger” comes from. The quest for Minger appropriation and relocation continues.

In any case, this year I decided to combine the Great Holiday Minger with another of my holiday heroes, The Star-Nosed Mole of Holiday Cheer.

The following cartoon is the result. I decided to post it here and will post the older ones as I get them scanned in and touched up. I hope you like it and happy holidays!


Holiday Minger Mole Happiness by Raven Fabal
Holiday Minger Mole Happiness by Raven Fabal


Cartoons by Raven

This is where I will be posting scans of my cartoons! My series, The Adventures of Ravenbird, is my diary in ‘toon form. My husband is represented by Oy the owl, and they are supported by a cast which includes an cockney snail called ‘Sroit and flock of seagulls who provide commentary!

Yours truly, Raven Fabal

There are “toons for all occasions, because when I have spare time, or something that has a profound effect on my life, it winds up getting cartooned. Ravenbird and the others have evolved throughout the years, and what the heck, I’m going to put them all here! I haven’t inked all of them or even most of them yet, but I plan to and will post them again in full color as soon as I do.

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