I love taking photos. Thanks to the age of digital photography,  I can take tons of photos, and “develop them” on my computer. Oh what a lucky Bird I am!  So here, I will post some of the ones I am either most proud of, or ones that I find to be the most interesting or bizarre.   I hope you enjoy them!

A lot of what I love to shoot is macro or close to it, meaning the tiny details and creatures that most people miss in the daily rush of life. I love to sit silently in the early morning or late evening hours, in the forest or some other natural area and snap photos of the tiny things. Sometimes little critters come by to visit when I do this and one day, if I’m really lucky, the Fae might visit and possibly even allow a photo or two. One can but hope!



Mamma duck photo-bombing a picture of her babies…I guess I need a model release!

Sometimes though, I may be photographing little things, when a much bigger critter photo bombs me! This mamma duck didn’t say “AFLAC!” but she sure had the look! Turned out, she had another 5 babies in hiding and she was making sure I didn’t hurt them. Good mama!I am a tree hugging child of Gaia and there is, to me the Divine in every leaf, blossom or blade of grass.  Spiders, snakes, and all the little creatures are parts of the grand kaleidoscope that is life. I’m going to do my best to photograph them all! There are prints available of any of my photographs. If you are interested, contact me. Otherwise, just enjoy!