Raven Fabal’s Psychic Readings Available Again in Madison Wisconsin!

Psychic readings fans, I just got good news! The COVID-19 virus restrictions on businesses in Madison have been lifted! Okay, not unrestricted, but more on the cautious side, which is as it should be.  My psychic readings are being done in the classroom, which allows for a lot more room, and the client is six feet away from me at all times.  Masks must be worn by everyone and there may be no more than 5 clients in the store at one time, in accordance with current restrictions. Other than that, my psychic readings will be helpful and accurate, as they have been for over 40 years!

This is the Altar where your amulets are blessed!

Now, more than ever, we need to find strength in ourselves and each other.  Rather than complain about all the negative things, let’s all look for the good, the blessings in our lives and be thankful for that, and keep a positive attitude to manifest the positive! I cannot express how much I have missed all my psychic reading clients! I love being able to help people having the privilege to meet so many amazing people at Cosmic Delights, the fantastic store where I do psychic readings locally.  Check them out for gems, incense, oils, great gifts, CBDs of all kinds,  gorgeous jewelry and more! Also at Cosmic Delights is Luna Lynn Frey, who is a Sacred Sound Oracle. She regularly holds classes, events and sound sessions in  Cosmic’s spacious classroom. Ask about getting one of  Luna Lynn’s  Sound Healing Sessions. It is a most profound experience which I highly recommend!

For Psychic Readings, Crystal Consultations, and Intuitive Palm Reading,   you can find me Saturdays from 1 PM until 6 PM at Cosmic Delights, which is located at 2717 East Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin. If you are in the Madison area, please call for an appointment or stop in on Saturdays for an accurate, helpful reading or consultation.

As always, I still offer readings through my Etsy Store,  Raven’s Creative Outlet.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and also, please have a look around my Etsy shop, I’ve added so many things, including hand-sewn face masks, New and Improved Smokeless Smudge, and some of the most beautiful wire wrapped gemstones and Swarovski Crystal pieces that you will find today. Please visit soon and don’t hesitate to ask for something if you can’t find it, I love a challenge!

Have a safe and happy day,