Basic Basics Logo and Launch!

I love the natural products created by my friend Teresa Ginther!

Recently she asked me to help her develop a logo to use at a local event on November 11th, where she would be offering her wonderful products for sale. The sign you see before you is what we came up with.

It reflects her theory that basic, natural ingredients make the best products and can meet all of our basic needs. I enjoy making logos and pictures, cartoons etc. on my computer, and a challenge is always fun. I like adding touches like the lady bug, which is kind of a nickname for the adorable daughter of Teresa and her hubby Jamie, Ariana. They call her Ari-bug. As a bit more fun, the eyes of the bug are an “a” and a “G” for Ari-bug’s initials.

Teresa Ginther’s current soap fragrances are Peppermint Mocha, Lavender Clean, Snowy Winter, Woodsy Boy, Glamour Girl, Autumn Fireside, Vol Soap, Smurf Poop, Pumpkin Harvest, and Pixie Dust.  Lip balm fragrances are Hot Buttered Rum, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Christmas Snow, and Rosemary Lemon.  And that’s just a start!

Teresa plans to expand into a FaceBook page for her products and online sales sometime in the near future. As soon as I get details, I will add them here so everyone can get a taste of the amazing, eco-friendly and richly fregranced goodies I have been lucky enough to sample, and intend to order more of, ASAP!  If you get an opportunity to grab anything made by Basic Basics, by all mean, do! You will be very happy you did!