Season’s Greetings Beautiful People! Come See What I’ve Made This Winter!

Happy Holidays, beautiful people!

I wish you and yours the peace and beauty that make your heart sing in this season of cold weather and warm hearts. Love comin’ at ya from Ravenbird’s Nest! While you’re doing your holiday shopping, I thought I’d remind you that for a special treat, give someone a hand crafted gift this year, not unlike the fabulous goodies in my Etsy shop! OK, that’s a shameless plug, but then, it is my website, so I can’t resist sharing the latest news.

I have just finished listing a few more pretties in my shop, including my Aqua Blue “Little Angel” earrings! These Little Angels come in various colors, so come to my Etsy shop and check them out! These are lever back earrings so sturdy that even busy little girls won’t lose them!


Next, I found some of the most perfect tiny Abalone Shells and created some Island-Style necklaces! I sold all but a couple of them before I even had a chance to list them though, so get them while you can. I hope to make more within a week or so, and if you want something a little different, I can do a special order for you using my “Microme” technique to make a very Moana looking necklace. These necklaces have coordinating earrings in my store, from Blue Mother of Pearl and real Freshwater Pearls, which I showed you in my last post.

These little Abalone Shells glisten and gleam in the light makingit hard to photograph them well, but in person, they are truly stunning!. Have a look:


I am also beginning to work with pure copper wire, which looks great even as it ages, and combining that with Genuine Turquoise which, in addition to being a striking look, also works metaphysically to help inspire confidence in speaking, excellence in communicating one’s thoughts and is good for all ailments of the throat.

So, for now, I have lots of lovely new things to show you, these are only a few.

But I have even better news!!! I recently came into an absolutely amazing Dragon’s Hoard of Gems, Silver Chains, Pearls, and much much more!

The only thing I’ve been lacking is the time to sit down and create!  I will be through with my college semester after tomorrow and at that point, I can get down to the business of making LOTS of new items again, including my Staffs, Magic Wands, Amulets and Spell/Wish Candles!

I hope you are enjoying all the new things I am making for you. I do love a challenge, so let me know what you would like to see and I’ll see what can be done to accommodate you! I love doing special orders and Vintage Jewelry repairs!

In my next post, I will be writing on a seemingly unrelated subject, but one that is very close to my heart; Low Dose Naltrexone as an alternative to Opioid Pain Medications. I will explain next time, but let me suffice it to say that this medication has been a miracle in my life, and that’s why I want to share the news with all of you, my favorite peeps. Till then, Happy Holidays, Blessed Yule, and have a good, safe winter season!

Peace and love,






New Cartoon “Holiday Minger Mole Happiness”


Happy Holidays all!

I have a new Holiday Cartoon for you today! It focuses on two secular heroes, The Great Holiday Minger and The Star-Nosed Mole of Holiday Cheer. For many years now, I have been subjecting my friend Teresa to an annual holiday cartoon, usually depicting the Great Holiday Minger. Minger is our slang for flamingo and when we both lived in Florida, we formed the “Minger Appropriation Society”, whose goal was to appropriate all those plastic pink flamingoes that had been forgotten in some trailer park yard, or left to perish in some overgrown garden and upon liberating them, find them all good homes. Anyway that’s where the term “Minger” comes from. The quest for Minger appropriation and relocation continues.

In any case, this year I decided to combine the Great Holiday Minger with another of my holiday heroes, The Star-Nosed Mole of Holiday Cheer.

The following cartoon is the result. I decided to post it here and will post the older ones as I get them scanned in and touched up. I hope you like it and happy holidays!


Holiday Minger Mole Happiness by Raven Fabal
Holiday Minger Mole Happiness by Raven Fabal


Winter Holidays? Um…Happy Hogswatch Anyone?


The winter holidays, are a time when it is often difficult to be PC. It’s impossible to tell at a glance which, if any winter holiday another person celebrates.

It is a season when people often call out greetings to strangers and it seems they expect one to respond. Problem is, responding with a simple echo of what the other person has said is sometimes difficult, especially when your beliefs and theirs may be vastly different.

This is something I find  bit difficult, being Pagan, with that faith being somewhat in the minority in my area. I have been told many times this month, “Merry Christmas!” God Bless You” and other such sentiments. While it is kind of nice for people to wish all these things, it has been pretty awkward when I have responded with “Blessed Yule!” or “Happy Winter Solstice!”. “Happy Winter Holiday” gets  few sideways glances, too.

With so many commercials, songs and even bumper stickers proclaiming that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!”, what’s a poor Pagan to do?  I must imagine that people who celebrate other non-Christian holidays feel similarly, for not once this season have I been wished a Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Kwanzaa or anything else that was not Christmas related.

According to Austin Kline, in an article for, “Most people assume Christmas is a faith-based holiday and, as such, can’t be celebrated in a nonreligious way. You have to believe in Allah to celebrate Ramadan, right?”

My Yule altar this year

“Although Christmas has largely been observed as a Christian religious holiday, that has changed dramatically over the years. The holiday already included many elements borrowed from other religions…” Pagan faiths in particular have often had their festivals and sabbats twisted to fit in with Christian beliefs, and even in this enlightened age, when that fact is commonly acknowledged by many historians and scholors,  we see absolutely no Pagan themed decorations, greeting cards, etc. at this time of year. Unfortunately only some of what is commercially marketed for Halloween, reflects Samhain, for no Halloween is devoid of green, warty-faced witches (I know real witches of all colors, but green is NOT one of them and we’re no more prone to complection problems than anyone else!), not to mention the ever popular cartoon ghosts, fictitious monsters and more.

Turn of the century Halloween greeting card

I LOVE dressing up and all the fun that goes with Halloween, it’s just that Halloween and Samhain, for me at least, are distinctly different. One demands fun, candy, parties, etc. The other is a time in which I reflect upon my ancestors, celebrate their lives and how they touched mine, honor them and often communicate with them. So I, being a glutton for joy, celebrate both. Besides, with my wardrobe, dressing as a Sorceress or even Witch is all too easy and who better than a Pagan to do so?!

As a bonus, Halloween is one time of the year when I can go out and pick up a few items for my home decor that actually reflect my personal taste, which admittedly runs toward the gothic, dark side!

Talking Bubbe – OY VEY!

But back to Christmas, etc. – I went to a local craft store this year, hoping for some pretty candles, etc. for Yule.  I did find candles, and some lovely Holly and Oak leaves, but almost everything else was Christmas. Very Christmas. As a saving grace, and the only nod to non-Christmas decor, there was one, 2 foot wide display of hanukkah decorations and merchandise. I, for one loved the cute stuffed talking “Bubbe” doll. That was the only reference I found to non-Christian beliefs in ny craft store this year.

I love my Christian friends, and have a few friends of other faiths, (that is the ones who are so kindly willing to put up with my hermit-like ways!).  I love them all as I have a love and respect for all humans and animals on our planet. It’s just that at times like these, I want to wish seasonal greetings or a happy winter holiday to everyone, without offending anyone in the process!  Therefore, I would like to wish you all a Happy, Merry, Joyous, Blessed Rama-Chris-Kwanz-Hannuk-Yule and if I’ve left anything out, please know that it was no doubt a typo caused by my enjoyment of a bit of sherry and pork pie for Hogswatch!

A Holiday must-see film, The Hogfather, created from Terry Pratchett’s wonderful book of the same name. Find this and I promise you will love it!

Till next time, whatever you are or celebrate, I wish you happiness and love ~ Ravenbird