Welcome to My Website, RavenFabal.com!

Greetings all!

If you’ve just come to see my site, RavenFabal.com then welcome! If you are a returning visitor, have a look around for some new things.  I have decided to completely revamp things to better reflect my professional and personal interests, and will have categories for everything, including my woodworking, very bad poetry, good photography, amazing Dragon Eyes and quirky cartoons among other things!

I am now focusing a bit more on the professional side of things though, mostly my psychic readings, and other metaphysical services, such as Magical Amulets, wish dolls and space clearing. And since I take great pride in being a crazy cat lady, RavenFabal.com will also feature my hand-sewn Calm Kitty cat toys, which I make using the best fresh herbs and oils as stuffing, to help scaredy cats be more calm and aggressive kitties to be less aggressive. I’ll be adding them to my Etsy store soon.

I am currently available for  in-person Psychic Readings and consultations every Saturday at Cosmic Delights, located at 2717 East Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53704. I also offer many of my witch crafts for sale there, including my Magical Amulets, Spell Candles, Amazing Hand Painted Dragon Eyes and much more! Other events will be updated on RavenFabal.com regularly.

Oh, and I almost forgot – I must have a tab for my drawings, especially my “Adventures of Ravenbird” cartoons! I’ve really been working on developing the various characters in Raven bird’s world lately and I look forward to sharing them with you!

My boys, Punkin The Troublemaker and Mr. Murphy, The Serene, both of whom are my  official RavenFabal.comtoy testers.

There will, of course be the occasional rant, and reviews of cat products other than  my own, as tested out by my kitty kids, Punkin and Murphy. So please have patience as I develop this site, and my Etsy store as well.


The store has more to look at for now, including my Dragon Eyes, and artwork. I will soon be adding my woven wire  jewelry too! But as for this site, if you have suggestions and/or feedback, please contact me here at RavenFabal.com. I look forward to hearing from you here or seeing you in person one day soon!

Have a great day and Come back often!

Peace n love,